Prankathon Review: Life Lessons from the Bethel Bloodhounds

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Yesterday, the Bethel Bloodhounds performed their play, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Prankathon. The past six weeks have been packed full of learning what it takes to put on a production! Below is a list that could go on and on of all they tackled and accomplished.

  • The play itself originated from one of our very own.
  • The script was developed by all of them collaborating during writing sessions.
  • The director, one elected by his peers, held auditions and eagerly watched as the casting list was hung up. He also came up with cues for his cast.
  • The backstage manager and crew were given a budget for lighting. They developed a plan for each scene, researched lighting options, and read through the reviews picking the best quality within their budget. Proposals were created and lights were ordered.
  • The cast and crew wrote their bios for the program.
  • The actors memorized their lines.
  • They designed and created the set.
  • They came up with their own costume design.
  • The day before the performance, they took to the actual stage for the first time to practice.
  • It all came together in yesterday’s performance!

During scene five of the performance, the last prank “went too far.” The chipmunks and chipettes realized working against each other was only “tearing one another down” instead of “building each other up.”

In the final scene, they discovered collaborating, and using words and actions to build others up, brings great joy. Bethel Bloodhounds, you know how to put on a show!

Meeting the Cast and Crew – Time for Autographs
More Autographs
The director just heard what a great job he did after finishing his autograph!