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The announcement was made earlier today that face-to-face learning has been canceled for the rest of the school year. My heart sunk.

We miss these kids tremendously. We miss welcoming them each day they enter the building. We miss their laughter as they run and play outside. We miss worshiping on Fridays together. We miss hearing their voices as they pray for one another. We miss having to cancel their Astronomy Showcase after all their hard work on transforming the school into a planetarium. We miss being in their presence and learning from them. We miss watching their faces light up after working hard to solve a problem. We miss hearing them collaborate and helping one another. We miss saying goodbye at the end of each day. We miss them.

You, Bethel Bloodhounds, are missed. You are loved. You are resilient. You are courageous.

We miss you, and we can’t wait to gather together again. Until then, we look forward to more video chats and Zoom calls.