Hybrid Model

A part-time option

What Makes our Hybrid Model Unique

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Learners in our hybrid model come Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 12:00 pm. 

Why Every Day?

Each morning, we begin our day with Morning Manna, which is a vital part of building and strengthening our community while growing as disciples of Christ.

Our academic studies (math, reading, writing, spelling and grammar) naturally flow into our afternoon Exploration studies. 

Whole days of academic studies and whole days of Explorations can create a disjointed experience for students and staff. 

Whole days of academic rigor can be difficult for a learner of any age to stay focused.

Learning happens outside of the home, which is why we do not send homework home with our learners. Our hybrid model allows us to hold to this belief.


Our hybrid model of part time, every day provides consistency for all our learners, staff, and builds a strong sense of community.

Hybrid Schedule


8:30 – 9:00 – Morning Manna

  • We begin each day diving into God’s word to discover more about Him, whose we are and our purpose.

9:10 – Set Goals

  • Learners set goals for Academic Learning.
  • Learners schedule meetings with peers and/or guide(s) for individual or small-group guidance.

9:15 – Academic Learning

  • Learners move at their own pace on subjects such as math, reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

10:00 – Snack

10:15 – Academic Learning

11:00 – Academic Learning/Specials

12: 00 - Pick up


Interested in Becoming a Part of Our Community?

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