What we do

Learning at BCE

Growing as a Disciple

Each morning BCE learners are guided as they dig deep into God’s word.

Growing Academically

Academic learning is approached from a variety of ways dependent on each learner’s needs. The various learning approaches include:

  • Learner-driven
  • Learner-driven in a collaborative, small group
  • Guide-led for individual learners, one-to-one
  • Guide-led, collaborative, small group

Growing Socially

Guides equip learners to seek restoration and find solutions when conflicts and/or problems arise.

Through Biblical teachings, learners:

  • Hold one another accountable to seeking restoration.
  • Serve and love one another as Christ modeled to us.

Growing Through Explorations

In the afternoon, learners dive into a role of an expert on the given Exploration topic. Through real-world scenarios and challenges created by the guides, learners develop and use problem-solving, critical-thinking, listening and speaking skills while working independently and collaboratively. A few Exploration examples include:

  • Architecture
  • Biomimicry
  • Build a Business
  • Farming & Gardening
  • Forensic Science
  • Governments & World Wars
  • Rube Goldberg & Simple Machines
  • Survival

Daily Schedule


8:30 – 9:00 – Morning Manna

  • We begin each day diving into God’s word to discover more about Him, whose we are and our purpose.

9:10 – Set Goals

  • Learners set goals for Academic Learning.
  • Learners schedule meetings with peers and/or guide(s) for individual or small-group guidance.

9:15 – Academic Learning

  • Learners move at their own pace on subjects such as math, reading, writing, spelling and grammar.

10:00 – Snack

10:15 – Academic Learning

11:00 – Academic Learning/Specials

12: 00-Recess & Lunch


12:45 – Read Aloud

1:00 – Exploration

  • Learners enter into a 3-week or 6-week Exploration that involves real-world experiences and challenges to overcome. 

2:40 – Track Goals

2:45 – Classroom Cleaning

  • Learners clean the classrooms with the jobs they have assigned one another.

3:00 – Debrief Discussion

Explorations & Showcases

In the afternoons, we go on explorations that involve real-world experiences, scenarios and challenges.


Explorations are designed to create real-world scenarios and challenges for our learners. Exploration highlights include experts sharing their personal experiences in the field we are exploring, as well as taking field trips to provide hands-on learning opportunities.


Showcases occur at the end of each Exploration. It is a time for learners to share what they have learned regarding the Exploration 3-week or 6-week topic. Furthermore, at a Showcase, learners share:

  • Their greatest struggle, obstacle and accomplishment. 
  • If they discovered a passion for the Exploration topic.