About Us

Our MISSION is to empower
learners to use their God-given talents
to join in Christ's work.

We ENVISION a world with
trained disciples who seek God's leading in
advancing his kingdom for his glory.

We are a Christ-centered school
empowering learners on a journey of
discipleship and discovery.


At Bethel, our learners discover that our world belongs to God and all truth comes from him. All of our learning – spiritual, academic, emotional, behavioral, and social – is rooted in Biblical truth. 

As disciples in relationship with God, we are to seek out and bring the hope of Christ to those we encounter in a broken world. An awe and wonder of their Creator.

Lifelong Skills

“I value a Christ-centered education that values growth in ALL areas and makes time for it.” – Bethel Parent

Social / Emotional

God created us to be curious and seek Him in all things.      Daily, God invites us to extend    his kingdom to the community   we are called to serve.

Empowered to Grow

Each child is created with    gifts and abilities to bring   God glory. We offer various approaches to support a learner in their growth while letting them thrive in areas that come more easily.

Individualized Learning

We belong to God, and we are each uniquely made in his image.

Curious & Called

God created us to be curious and seek him in all things, and he invites us daily to extend his kingdom to the community we are called to serve.

Growing & Thriving

Each child is created with gifts and abilities to bring God glory.     We offer various approaches to help a learner grow while letting them thrive in areas that come more naturally.