Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about Bethel Community Education

Currently, we accept learners ages 5 through 13 for our elementary and middle school classrooms. As we grow, our school will include a lower elementary multi-aged learning community, upper elementary multi-aged learning community, middle school, and high school.

Bethel Community Education begins before Labor Day and runs just a week or two after Memorial Weekend. Generally, learners will have 3-week or 6-week Explorations followed by one week off.

2021-2022 BCE Calendar

Tuition is $8,750 per learner. We offer a Tuition Scale and an Optional Sibling(s) Discount. See the chart below.

Yearly Income*Tuition Bracket
Up to $20,000$ 700.00
$20,001 – $30,000$ 1,600.00
$30,001 – $40,000$ 2,500.00
$40,001 – $50,000$ 3,400.00
$50,001 – $60,000$ 4,300.00
$60,001 – $70,000$ 5,200.00
$70,001 – $80,000$ 6,100.00
$80,001 – $90,000$ 7,000.00
$90,001 – $100,000$ 7,900.00
$100,000 +$ 8,750.00

*Yearly Income refers to adult income earners in the household (refer to your 1040 form(s)).

The Hybrid Model costs a flat fee of $5,200 per learner.

Optional Sibling Deduction – Families with more than one child may receive a $300.00 deduction per each additional sibling attending Bethel Community Education.

Learners set daily goals, and together with the guide, set year long and  3-week and 6-week goals. Guides hold weekly check-ins with each learner to track his or her academic learning progress. Parents are also updated biweekly by their child.

Offline and online, real-time data are utilized to track each learner’s academic progress, identify areas of struggle and support any learning gaps. Guides, using hierarchical prompts, assist learners when they face challenges and are taught to embrace growth opportunities.

Subjects such as writing, history and Explorations measure each learner’s growth through completed projects while we also utilize individual portfolios.

Bethel Community Education is a school that blends proven learning models.

1. Christ-centered: All we do is rooted in Christ.

2. Learner-centered: Individualized, inclusive model that allows children to grow at their own pace.

3. Montessori: Mixed-age environment, learner choice within guidelines, set blocks of work time, learning through wonder, curiosity and freedom to move within the classroom.

Yes. We value and respect each individual’s beliefs. 

The Bethel Community Education staff and Board of Directors believe the statements below to be true and impact the way we view and live in the world. Your child will be taught in an educational setting that is rooted in Christ and clings to these beliefs listed. 

Our Faith Statement is as follows: 

God is the one true God.

God is: the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit.

God is the Creator of heaven and earth.

God makes each of us uniquely in His own image.

God is love.

God loves His people.

Jesus Christ humbly loved and served his neighbors, and we are called to follow in that example.

Jesus Christ, who was without sin, took on the punishment for our sins and died on the cross. Three days later He rose from the dead – forty days after the resurrection He ascended into heaven.

Christ conquered sin and death that we may enter into a relationship with His Father.

God invites us to daily extend and advance His kingdom to the community we are called to serve.

Bethel Community Education is a missional organization and opens our arms as wide as we can to all who wish to join the Bethel family. If you desire to send your child to Bethel Community Education, you will be asked to acknowledge that your child will be immersed in an education rooted in Christ.

At Bethel Community Education, our school has a deep desire to meet the needs of learners of varied abilities. This educational model can be a great fit for many children, and we will work closely with your child and you to serve those needs to the best of our ability.

We are currently a Kindergarten through 8th grade school. As we grow, a high school program will be offered with an apprenticeship focus.