Kindergarten - 8th Grade

"At Bethel, I learn more about myself, others, and God more deeply."
"I like how they do school here. I didn't like school before, but now I do."
-Bethel learners



We provide outdoor, play-based experiences for our learners to grow their curiosity more as they work with their peers and discover how to collaborator, problem solver and compromise. Witnessing these young learners become equipped to own their learning, set and track their daily goals, and hit great milestones is truly an inspiration and something we celebrate! 

3rd - 5th

This program builds upon the K-2nd grade program by engaging these learners with more academic independence with intentional guidance through the weekly one-to-one guide / learner check-ins, which occur in all of our programs. We see these learners find their voice and advocate more for themselves and their peers as they gain confidence in who God created them to be.

6th - 8th

Our middle schoolers embark on a beautiful discovery of coming to know themselves, their peers, and God more deeply. Their morning schedule is unique from the other program schedules. Each week, they have a set amount of block time to meet for for their independent academic learning. They learn about time management as they feel a sense of ownership in their learning.